Covering the Costs of College

There are various sources of financial support for veterans, active military, reservists, and dependents. Each has its own forms, processes, and timetables.

Each military branch establishes its own distinct qualifications for the College Fund. The qualifications are usually based on a critical occupational specialty. Therefore, the VA does not determine the eligibility of this additional benefit.

If you qualify for the College Fund, you do not receive it in one lump-sum payment. Instead, your total College Fund is divided into monthly payments (based on the 36 months of eligibility under the MGIB) added to regular MGIB payments. You cannot receive your College Fund money without receiving MGIB benefits. It is an add-on to your MGIB benefit.

Currently, the VA does not have a way to interface with the US Department of Defense to verify service members who pay the $600 additional contribution (kicker). The VA requests each service member who paid this contribution to submit a photocopy of the following:

  • DD Form 2366
  • Copy of LES's - if deductions are payroll deducted
  • DD Form 1131 - Cash Voucher if paid cash in full

These documents prove to the VA that the $600 was paid, and they will process your claim to include this kicker. The kicker is divided by the number of months of eligibility available under the MGIB or MGIB-Selected Reserve. It is an add-on to your MGIB or MGIB-Selected Reserve benefit.

Though receiving VA benefits is considered in determining a veteran student's level of aid, most veteran students do qualify for other forms of financial assistance. Individuals should also file the Federal Financial Student Aid Application.

In addition, please make sure to take a look at the Financial Aid Website.

More information about financial aid and scholarships is available from SF State’s Office of Financial Aid.

All students training under Chapters 30, 31, 33, 35, and 1606 VA education programs and who have been certified for three quarter time enrollment or more are eligible to apply for the VA Work-Study Program.

Students may work up to 450 hours in a term and receive the current state or federal minimum wage (whichever is higher). This hourly wage is tax-exempt as it is a part of the VA Educational benefits. Please check with a Work-Study Manager for more information.

Veteran's benefits are NOT taxable and, therefore, do not need to be reported to the IRS as income.

Financial Aid Contact

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