Veterans Educational Benefits Certification Request Guide

ATTENTION: Please DO NOT begin this process until after you have registered for courses. 

1. Log into SF State Gateway
2. Navigate to your LaunchPad
3. Select the Student Center tile

Student center location in SF State Gateway's Launchpad

4. Under the Academics header, open the other academics... drop-down menu
5. Select Veterans Benefit
6. Click the double arrow button

Veterans Benefit Location in the Student Center

1. If submitting a Veteran Benefits Certification for the first time, then please read the messaging on this page for:

  • Service or semester updates
  • Details on required documents
  • Contact information
  • Helpful links
Veterans benefits landing information page

2. Click the Certification Request button

Certification information page with the Request button zoomed in on

1. Confirm the Institution
2. Select Certifying Term
3. Complete the fields in the Benefits Information section
4. Click the "Initiated" button. Then click "Attachments" to add documents (if needed). 

Veterans benefits main menu

5. Click the Update Classes to Certify button

  • Review SF State Veterans Services policy, and check the acknowledgment box after reading
Bottom half of the veterans benefits main menu
Veteran benefit disclaimer text before class certification

6. Select all classes that qualify for certification

  • Students will be able to come back to this page later if any changes are needed.

7. Click the Submit Request button

Veterans benefit class selection for certification

8. Review the request, then click the Welcome Page button to exit

Veterans Benefit Portal Navigation

The first section of the certification request page holds the term selection and institution fields.

  • To submit or edit a new request, enter the current or future semester of attendance.
  • To review older requests, select a past semester from the drop-down.
Entire certification menu with the term opened

The second section of the certification request page holds the branch, benefit, veteran relationship, and service type fields.

Veterans benefit information selection and attachment upload
  • Fill out the Veterans Service Branch that applies to you.
  • Next, fill out the VA Education Benefit that applies to you.
  • Then enter your Veteran Relationship if not Self.
All three dropdown menus opened and overlapping
  • If applicable, indicate if you are on Active Duty, in the Reserves, or the National Guard
  • If non apply, then skip.
Duty options box all unchecked
  • Write any questions text box to the right.
  • When completed, click the Initiate Request button.
  • Then click the Attachments button to upload your benefit documentation.
  • Please note, attachments can only be accessed after the Initiate Request button is clicked.
Benefit information overview focused on the question box
  • Read the submission guidelines on this page.
  • Then click the drop-down bar and select the document type you wish to upload.
  • Once your documents are uploaded, click the Return button. 
Document upload screen with no documents present

The third section of the certification request page holds the actual class certification choices. Visible is an overview of the available classes for the semester you indicated back in the Term Selection. 

  • To begin, click the Update Classes to Certify button.
The enrollment certification sections showing three examples
  • Read and click the acknowledge box.
  • Select all the classes to certify.
    • Please note, you can always come back and make adjustments if you add or drop a class.
  • When finished, click the Submit Request button.
Veterans benefit class selection for certification
  • Check to make sure all of your information is correct.
  • If you are satisfied with everything, click the Welcome Button.
Enrollment verification overview with classes checked and saved