For the CalVet Fee Waiver

Having been found eligible for benefits means that you shall not be charged mandatory system-wide tuition or fees while attending a California Community College, a campus of the California State University system, or a campus of the University of California system.

You will need your:

  • College Tuition Fee Waiver Authorization Letter


Things to Note:

  1. The authorization is valid only for the Academic Year listed on the letter.
  2. You must re-establish eligibility for each subsequent Academic Year you plan on attending college.
  3. You must meet the California residency requirements of your college in order to receive these benefits.
  4. Many colleges and universities have campus-based and extension programs which may not be waived, as well as other fees such as parking, health, insurance, etc. For a breakdown of tuition and local fees, please refer to the Bursar's link.


Please fill out the following forms from our office and submit them in person:


California VA Websites